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About US – Healthdiva

HealthDiva is a brand owned and manufactured by Delhi Nutraceuticals. A leading name in the nutraceuticals space. Delhi Nutraceuticals is a private label nutraceuticals manufacturer that exports products all across the globe. 

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Ethically Produced | Scientifically tested and approved ingredients | 

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Featured Product

Phycocyanin Capsules – Immunity Development

Delhi Nutraceuticals started with manufacturing phycocyanin powder for research and development using very high purity phycocyanin, fed to rats for the test against cancer and hiv.

Today, the phycocyanin that we manufacture is used by Pharmaceuticals/ Medical Doctors as a OTC (Over the Counter) supplement to help the patients of Cancer and HIV to increase their Immunity with any side effects.  Since Phycocyanin is safe for consumption and does not interfere with any ongoing medication. 

  • 100% Safe for consumption
  • No Side Effects
  • No Drug Interactions
  • Increases Immunity, Reduces Viral load, Increases CD4 and CD8 cells that let you fight you disease.

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