Papaya leaf is a great addition to any diet - here’s why!

    Papaya is a well-accepted tropical fruit that many individuals have tried or at least heard of. Green papaya salads have been in trend as invigorating summer recipes since years. What many individuals fail to comprehend about papaya, on the other hand, is how you can consume pretty much every part of the plant – such as the seed or fruit, and not to forget, the leaves!

    You may assume consuming papaya leaves directly sounds like a weird and wonderful starter for your next dinner party, but there are numerous other ways to take in these nutritious papaya parts. Most people don’t realize the significance of papaya leaves for your health and well

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  2. Hair loss During Menopause... Learn what causes it & How to stop it!!

    Losing huge bunch of hair all these days? Many women have contacted me since past few days and are extremely worried about this hair fall problem during their later ages. It is in fact a very common sign, and is also a very alarming and stressful one.

    So, I wanted to give a closer look at the concern as to why hair loss happens during menopause and how to avoid it.

    Now, our hair is so essential to all of us. It's our uttermost beauty. It's a prime part of who we are and represents out identity; makes us different from others. And I get queries from a lot many women as they are really disappointed and anxious, as their hair begi

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  3. Got Strain on Your Eyes from reading screens all day? Get Some Help!

    In the age of modern technology, it has become nearly impossible to steer clear of the continuous exposure to the screens of electronic devices, whether it is from a cell phone, a computer, a tablet, or a TV, almost every person deals with some kind of screen adherence all over their daily routines. With the speed that technology is taking over, the already near unattainable job of evading the usage of electronic device screens will only carry on to rush forward. With this progression comes a boost in the harmful side effects on your health. While the combination of technology and modern society has brought about a number of positive outcomes, including expediency and a better quality of life, there is no contradiction that there are severe unplanned outcomes that the continuous

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  4. Summer Sniffles? The Complete Guide to Hammer that Cold Promptly!

    The arrival of sniffles, sneezes and a stinging throat is awkward at any time of year, particularly in the summer when it’s your holiday season with a nice weather to enjoy. Summer is a favourable time for taking sun baths, swimming, and grilling - not for feeling down with a cold. Thus, to help you fight any colds that crop up in the warmer months, HealthDiva has put together a list of easy home remedies for summer colds. By putting these ideas in place you will promptly be back out in the sunbeams rather than stacked up in bed with a box of tissues beneath your arm!


    What is a summer cold?

    Even though there are some similarities between summer

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  5. Flax Seeds: The Natural Approach to Joint Pain

    This blog is a story written by a 25-year old engineering student, who got his back injured very badly:

    Thank you for introducing me to Flaxseed oil capsules. Of lately, I re-injured my back (an injury that took place while playing football in the college). Though I never went to a doctor for the injury, after a slight search on internet, I figured out that I had got herniated disk in my lower back (which is referred to a condition that can crop up anywhere along the spine, but most frequently occurs in the lower back; at times, called a bulging, obtruding, or ruptured disk and is one of the most common reasons behind lower back pain, as well as sciatica or leg pain). In addition, I had a sharp pain in my leg because of, what I suppose, strain on th

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  6. Love Your Bones- October 20th is World Osteoporosis Day!

    World Osteoporosis Day (WOD) is coming up! On this October 20, help us spread knowledge about bone health, how and why to keep your bones strong and healthy as well as the nutritional support to achieve the same. For details, keep on reading.

    Strong bones are particularly indispensable in later years, when falls are liable to cause fractures. It is estimated that approximately half of women over the age of 50 break a bone owing to osteoporosis. That’s pretty much depressing. And males aren’t excused – this ailing bone-thinning ailment affects them too, however at a lower rate. Osteoporosis is an all-too-common di

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  7. From dry eyes to thorny skin- 5 signals you require Omega 7

    Yes, omega 7 – the essential fatty acid nobody speaks about – is indispensable if you’re suffering from dry eyes, mouth or skin. Undoubtedly you must have heard enough about omega-3 fatty acids, those essential fats that your bodies find unable to make on their own; are the major keys to brain and heart health. More often, we’re told that omega 3s are obtained from oily fish or flaxseeds. Even you may have heard of omega 6 present in eggs, poultry, walnut oils or sunflower or omega 9 fats found in cashews, avocados, or pecans and more common in your diets.

    But there’s one set of fundamental fats that are hardly ever discussed about but remain enormously vital to our bodies’ working. Omega-7 unsaturated fatty acids are present in fishes namely a

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  8. The Truth about Using Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

    It’s no secret that apple cider vinegar, as a majority of people tenderly describe it, is just perfect for your health. Since centuries, it has been used to cure acid reflux, flu, cold and allergies. But is apple cider vinegar for weight loss truly a miracle to help you get rid of those unnecessary pounds?

    Enough research has been performed on ACV and losing weight out there to provide us with an idea if it’s a superior addition to your weight-loss program. It’s essential to keep in mind that, irrespective of how remarkable a supplement is; a nutritious diet and proper exercise are a vital part of reaching your objectives.

    ACV is fermented apple cider and is packed w

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  9. Coenzyme Q10 arrests the effects of skin aging


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  image source:

    CoQ10 is an antioxidant that shields the body cells from harmful effects of aging. It is, in reality, a vital nutrient that acts as an antioxidant in the body. It’s manufactured within the body naturally and can be used for essential body functions, including energy supply to body cells, transporting electrons and monitoring blood pressure levels.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    image source:

    Today checked the weather forecast – sob, sob, sob! – The pollen count is TOO HIGH today! And started feeling those typical allergy signs: sneezing, irritating throat and tickly eyes?

    If you are a victim of hay fever, you’ll certainly be accustomed to coping with high pollen count

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