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How frequently do you find individuals suffering from Dengue? Last couple of months we have encountered numerous Dengue cases across a number of Indian cities. I myself came across lots of cases around me off lately and that led me to pen down this information, reading which you can help prevent and recuperate from Dengue cases around you.

The word Dengue is derived from the Swahili phrase for “bone-breaking fever”. Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne infection, which gets transmitted by mosquitoes of Aedes aegypti species; commonly results in a serious flu-like illness. And adversely it may also result in bleeding and shock, a potentially fatal problem named dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is a leading cause of critical childhood diseases and deaths and becomes powerful enough to take lives. Dengue is not an ailment that can be taken carelessly. Thus, becomes important to educate people around you in order to take down this disease together, and save ours and our near one’s lives.

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Symptoms of Dengue fever:

Symptoms, generally start 4-6 days after infection and continue for up to 10 days after getting infected by a mosquito bite, and symptoms include sudden high fever, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, frequent headaches, throbbing joint and muscle pain, mild bleeding (like bleeding gums and nose), skin rash, pain behind the eyes, sudden lowering down of blood pressure as the circulation of blood in the vessels also gets affected. The major indication of dengue fever is a decrease in the platelet count after 3 days at the start of the fever. If anyone has severe dengue fever, an increase in the rate of viral reproduction is observed and exerts a bad impact on the body’s vital organs such as the liver and bone marrow.

It is rightly said, “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”!!

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Let’s give a glimpse at the defensive measures for this break-bone fever:

1) Excuse yourself from highly populated housing areas, if possible.

2) Making use of good mosquito repellents containing citronella, rosemary or eucalyptus oil, mosquito coils, and vaporizing mats can be a great step.

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3) Bed nets must be used during sleeping and suitably fold them under the mattress.

3) Wear proper clothing: Reduce areas of uncovered skin by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants tucked into socks during the early hours of the day and during the late afternoon.

4) Maintain proper Hygiene and Sanitation. Throw away the solid wastes in a proper manner.

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5) Also, eradicating or avoiding dormant, standing water where the mosquitoes breed is another effective approach to prevent it. Keep all the household water storage containers covered, and vacate and clean them after every 2 days.

6) Remember your house windows and door screens are completely safe and free of holes.

7) Get appropriate Pest Control services available in your area in order to get rid of mosquitoes in and around your house.

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Home Remedies for Dengue:

As such, there is no set diet for Dengue, but one can adopt the below-stated home remedies for quick recovery together with the mitigation of the symptoms.

  1. Water: It is chiefly important as intense dehydration prominently occurs in Dengue. Water can cure signs such as headaches; muscle cramps and moreover helps in expelling out toxins from the body.
  2. A well-balanced diet with a foremost focus on green leafy veggies and fresh fruits (oranges, amla, kiwi, or grapefruit) can help in warding off the infection. These fruits are thought to promote the production of antibodies, release toxins, and promote cellular repair due to Vitamin C content.
  3. Most crucially REST. The more you rest, the better the production of platelets, the sooner the dengue recovery.
  4. Also, drinking carrot juice, along with beet-root juice two times a day helps in boosting the count of platelets very soon.
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  1. Papaya leaf juice: Papaya is proven to naturally increase the platelets in the bone marrow. You can wash some papaya leaves, remove the center vein, and mash the leaves in a grinder along with a little bit of water, your juice is ready. You need to take it every 6 hours every day.
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  1. Also, Omega 3 rich foods such as fish, walnuts, and flaxseeds improve immunity.
  2. Neem leaves: Steeping the leaves and sipping its concoction helps in increasing the WBC and platelet count thus improving the body’s immunity.
  3. Chewing 2 cloves of garlic or drinking hot garlic vegetable soup is also helpful in reducing viral multiplication.
  4. Since it is an Infection, having cooked vegetables rather than raw is a great strategy to prevent it.
  5. Also, an easy yet effective solution to the monsoon Illness is to boost up our immunity by a popularly known drink “Daadi Ji ka Kadha” composed of garlic, ginger, cardamoms, black pepper (whole or crushed), cloves, tulsi leaves, honey, and lemon. And it’s sure you will definitely get relief from this easy Grandma’s Home Remedy. Also, critical dengue patients often require intensive care measures as well as hospitalization, so take care.
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Foods to avoid in dengue fever:

  • Primarily, stay away from harmful foods such as junk food, refined sugars, as well as processed foods. Having these foods can result in a significant drop in platelet count.
  • Keep away from food which is oily, salty, and spicy.
  • Thirdly, alcohol, and caffeine must be avoided in order to prevent dehydration.
  • Lastly, it is good to avoid meat as it hardly gets digested.

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So, let’s hold hands together and protect all from Dengue before one gets its victim!

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