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Excessive Hair Fall? Here’s How to Grip Them Back!

Excessive Hair Fall? Here’s How to Grip Them Back!

Excessive Hair Fall? Here’s How to Grip Them Back!

Experiencing the agony of hasty hair fall? Spending wakeful nights? Aren’t willing to go out? Don’t want to face the mirror? Depressed, worried, or dejected?

Don’t be anxious! Don’t panic! These are nothing but the side-effects of hair fall which nowadays is creating a huge impact on almost 60% of the world population. Suffering, the trauma that crops up due to hair fall or balding is beyond imagination as it impinges on your appearance.

The psychological blow hits you so badly that your fears know no end. Day in & day out you start searching for solutions to catch hold of your unsettling hair loss.

Excessive Hair Fall? Here’s How to Grip Them Back!

“All the time, researching, experimenting, asking; and ending up taking all sorts of remedies and still, no stop to hair fall. Simply, wasting your precious time!”

Know that hair loss or medically termed as alopecia, is a personal problem which can happen because of any reason in any individual.

Many individuals become conscious of their hair loss problem after a while when they have lost a considerable chunk of hair from their heads. If your hair thinning is noticeable, then there can be a number of reasons for this, not only a single one.

It not only makes their confidence go down all at once but also becomes a cause for their infuriating stress and anxiety issues.


  • Visible thinning of your hair
  • Clear changes in your hairline
  • Too much hair fall right after brushing, showering or even oiling

Ways to Restore Your Lost Personality, Splendor & Confidence & Kick-Start Again!

After you go bald, the question that strikes your mind is how can I prevent further loss, and is there any possibility of recovering my lost hair?

The answer is a definite “YES” as we are living in times where lots of research giving new strategies and procedures have guaranteed an answer to ‘ALL’ hair troubles.

Before, going through tips to check hair loss, we must know that the primary key to preventing hair fall issues is to follow a healthy lifestyle and take a healthy well-balanced diet. Still, if you detect any indication connected with hair problems, then taking prompt action is the key to saving more hair.

  1. Take Care of Your Diet:

Your diet always creates a direct impact on your body as well as your hair. Proteins are the chief building blocks of the tissues in your body and are very important for the growth and maintenance of hair.

That’s why take care to include enough proteins in your diet and the best sources of protein include eggs, fish, milk, leafy greens, beans, nuts, as well as foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like flax seeds and salmon.

Excessive Hair Fall? Here’s How to Grip Them Back!

2. Don’t Overlook Your Vitamins:

Vitamins are critical for your health as it helps in the production of RBCs (red blood cells) which brings about healthy blood circulation, eventually making your hair healthier. And the vital vitamins for your hair include Vitamin A, B12, and E. Vitamin A lubricates the hair roots and prevents hair from drying out.

Not only vitamins, but minerals too add up to healthier hair such as iron, zinc, calcium, copper, and magnesium are just ideal for the proper growth of your hair.

Excessive Hair Fall? Here’s How to Grip Them Back!

3. Guard your scalp:

Are you worried about taking good care of your scalp? Let me tell you that good scalp care is MUST if you want healthy hair.

Make use of products that are not harsh on your scalp and frequently pay attention to your head in order to obtain a healthy scalp and thus healthy hair.

Excessive Hair Fall? Here’s How to Grip Them Back!

4. Put a Stop to Bad Habits:

Keep a regular check on your daily lifestyle and on your habits. Unhealthy habits including, excessive drinking, smoking, too much coffee, or tea (caffeine) tend to decrease blood circulation and lay an adverse effect on the immune health that results further in hair fall. Thus, put a pause on those bad habits for the sake of your hair!

Excessive Hair Fall? Here’s How to Grip Them Back!

5. Stay hydrated:

Not drinking a sufficient amount of water also influences the hair growth to a large extent. Thus, it’s vital to stay hydrated every day. In addition, try to keep away from soda drinks as much as you can as it wanes your immune health and makes your hair more prone to fall.

Excessive Hair Fall? Here’s How to Grip Them Back!

6. Exercise:

Exercising regularly greatly helps in sweating out and cleaning your pores near the hair. Exercise is important to grow longer and stronger hair and to make better your overall health.

Excessive Hair Fall? Here’s How to Grip Them Back!

7. Massaging the Scalp with Essential Oil:

Never ever forget to massage your scalp from time to time with the help of some essential oil plus olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil as it is helpful in stimulating the hair follicles and thus, increase hair growth. Gentle massaging of these oils into your scalp really helps.

The oils are constituted with the properties of preventing hair thinning and hair balding.Not only your hair will look healthier very soon, but also will help in re-growing your hair in no time.

Excessive Hair Fall? Here’s How to Grip Them Back!

8. Cleanse your hair two times a week:

Washing your hair two times every 7 days with a mild shampoo and conditioner helps in removing all the dirt and microbes that accumulates in the head on a regular basis.

Thus, it’s obligatory to keep your head clean repeatedly in order to check hair fall from clogged follicles.

Excessive Hair Fall? Here’s How to Grip Them Back!

9. Stay away from highly polluted areas:

Try not to reside in an area that is highly polluted. It’s proven that people living in highly polluted areas are more susceptible to hair loss or other hair problems.

Excessive Hair Fall? Here’s How to Grip Them Back!

10. De-stress:

Stress is the most common reason behind the aggravation of the hair fall problem. Thus, do not be anxious and try to remain joyful in all situations. One great way of relieving your stress levels is good sound sleep.

Sleep helps your body relax and is the time when your body gets to revivify itself, which directly affects your hair as well. That’s why; do not miss a good night’s sleep.

Excessive Hair Fall? Here’s How to Grip Them Back!

If you are incorporating all these things into your routine and your hair is still floppy, brittle, or falling out, then there may be more to it and calls for a need to visit an appropriate doctor for hair treatment, but don’t panic as there’s a lot of available hair treatment options these days.

We all know by now, the most disturbing and still under-acknowledged medical problem for individuals nowadays is “HAIR LOSS”. The good news? 

HealthDiva offers you safe, natural, and proven anti-hair fall solutions without breaking the bank. Thus, don’t lose hope and step forward towards the “NO HAIR FALL” path.

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