How to Deal with Chronic Constipation?

“Nowadays, people have been battling with constipation for years now, and are so very tired of it. It makes them cranky, bloated and messes with their appetite”. Unfortunately, many patients are struggling with their constipation and other bathroom issues. At times, they are too discomfited to confess their problem until it becomes too throbbing to tolerate. And thus, calls for a “Help!”

Having healthy digestion and eliminating waste on a daily basis (preferably twice – yes, twice – a day) is vital for your overall health. Just keep in mind – your liver ejects the toxins and dumps them into your intestines. If your digestive system isn’t working optimally, then all those wastes and toxins get reabsorbed into your body. Thus, it makes sense that constipation has been associated with manifold illnesses, including cancer and even Parkinson’s disorder, plus it in fact makes you feel like crap! Then there are the practical issues as well. Constipation is often painful and may give rise to symptoms counting with bloating, bad temper, vomiting, and lack of appetite.

Despite of all the issues, we must know how to fix your gut, how to tend your inner garden (the flora in your gut), and how to retune your system, yet many of us retain poor ways of eating as well as living. Like most problems, constipation is frequently fixable without the use of harmful pharmaceutical drugs or other invasive procedures. And it can be done with the use of HERBAL LAXATIVES.

How can laxatives help? Laxatives are composed of chemicals that assist to either induce bowel movements or release the stool by enhancing the motility, frequency and bulk. While there are a number of different types of laxatives available on the market, it’s essential to know that they’re all momentary solutions and aren’t meant as long-term fixes. But, here at HealthDiva you will be pleased to know about a very effective long-term solution for your constipation problems. It overall works on your body by delivering powerful results on rejuvenating your complete health!

Herbal Laxative is an all-natural dietary supplement that works gently for occasional constipation. Cascara Sagrada; Senna; Fennel Seed; Licorice Root and Uva Ursi Leaves, a proprietary blend of these herbal ingredients work together in a synergistic manner in order to support the body’s natural elimination processes and relax the intestinal movements.

HealthDiva’s Herbal Laxative

A Gentle support for occasional constipation

You can preserve an optimal health when you offer your body the right digestive support. HealthDiva’s Herbal Laxative deliver results fast, without interrupting your active life.

This natural laxative formula is planned to help keep you stay regular, without leading to dependency like ordinary pharmaceutical laxatives do. Herbal laxative capsules are constituted with a blend of powerful herbs, all of which help to perk up the digestion process and fight the uneasiness of constipation. This HealthDiva formula is gentle yet effectual, bulking up waste for an easier elimination – the natural, and a healthy way to keep your tummy happy and your whole system healthy.

HealthDiva’s Herbal Laxative

  • Promotes healthy, regular bowel movements
  • Prevents and alleviates constipation
  • Helps to cleanse the digestive system
  • Lessens flatulence and cramping
  • Lactose-free & gluten-free
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Safe, natural & non habit-forming
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial flavours or colours
  • Gluten-free and sugar-free

Benefits of key ingredients

• Senna: A source of glycosides, which deliver the herb its laxative properties by smoothing the intestinal muscles as food travels through the digestive system, supporting powerful contractions. This herb helps to increase the stool volume and expels the wastes through the colon.

• Cascara Sagrada: It helps the body eliminate years of accumulated toxins and this surprising magic lies in a compound known as anthraquinone present in it, which is known to help the large intestines with the contractions required to shuttle out the faecal matter.

• Fennel Seed extract: Fennel seed works as a natural laxative and increases the bowel movement. It is considered good for constipation, makes the stool loose which is useful to release it without any trouble. Also, Fennel is effective in improving the digestive system by decreasing the food craving by enhancing the stomach fullness and corrects a majority of digestive disorders.

• Uva Ursi Leaves: Has a potential to decrease bacteria in the urine. In addition, it decreases swelling (inflammation), and exerts a drying (astringent) effect on the tissues.

• Licorice Root: It can be effectively used in chronic constipation as it promotes peristalsis and helps in assimilation. Peristalsis forces faeces in the large intestine through the gastric system. The active component in it is a triterpenoid named glycyrrhizin, responsible for its laxative effects.

Did You Know? Pharmaceutical laxatives can in reality deteriorate the digestive process by building up dependence. Natural laxatives, on the other hand, actively work to mend your digestive health.

HealthDiva’s Herbal Laxative

  • LAXATIVE CAPS FOR A GENTLE, STEADY RELIEF: With this NATURAL cleanse! Overlook all the artificial chemicals! The 100% natural and well-researched herbal ingredients form a gentle and potent digestive without side effects such as diarrhoea or dehydration.
  • FAST RESULTS, This quick acting pure herbal laxative capsules guarantee to deliver the comfortable and cathartic relief you ought to have within hours and with no detrimental side effects! Just the perfect stool softener!!
  • LONG TERM RESULTS: This herbal laxative doesn’t just “detox”, in addition, it “nurtures” the lack of fluids that result in constipation. This herbal formula works wonders for immovable bowels and will deliver you the internal cleansing you require for feeling good again. “The Best Constipation Natural Remedies” for you!
  • THE SIGNIFICANCE OF A HEALTHY COLON: Your Colon is indispensible for assisting you to absorb vitamins, minerals as well as nutrients. Ecological toxins, alcohol, deprived diet; all add on to your body managing waste and absorb nutrients efficiently, this herbal cleanse solves all this for you!
  • HealthDiva makes use of a HIGH QUALITY, registered and GMP certified facility. Our clients mean the world to us, so we have developed this supplement with the choicest ingredients for their complete satisfaction and attaining efficient results.

Thus, ease your strain: by putting your feet up for constipation with HealthDiva’s Herbal Laxative Caps!!