Suffering from Constipation Problems? Here are a Few Tips!

Facing difficulty while pooping? You might be astonished that the therapies for getting rid of constipation are just there in your kitchen. For loads of people, going poop is something done secretly. Even air fresheners are specially-made and are available in the market to mask your porcelain presents. It’s certainly not an idyllic dinner table topic and may appear super embarrassing to even think about talking about your poo with others.

But believe it or not, this natural bodily function is something that an unexpected bunch of individuals fights with every day. A healthy or robust digestive system is very important for us to access the maximum sum of nutrition from the foods we take in.

If you want to feel light, clean, active and agile all the time, then start incorporating healthy nutritional habits in your diets.

Let’s now talk about what is constipation, its causes and all natural remedies for your constipation.

Constipation! Is what that may occur in between the time food enters from the plate to bowl (toilet bowl, to be precise). If you suffer from constipation it’s never far from your mind, and so disturbing are the underlying signs such as lack of bowel movements, flatulence, bloating, feeling of partial evacuation, pain, and nausea and possibly anxiety as well.

Constipation can turn you into a quirky, puffy version of yourself with headache, and may even land you to the physician’s office. Thus, it becomes vital to learn to read your body and what your bowel movements are striving to tell you regarding your nutritional and routine habits. Throughout the concluding phases of digestion, your waste travels into the part of the large intestine, i.e. colon. During this point, your body soaks up all the likely nutrients and leaves behind a watery and amorphous waste mix. As your colon muscles push the soft waste nearer to the toilet bowl, your colon starts absorbing excess water and convert the soft waste back into solid form. If this process is delayed, or if excess water gets absorbed, it makes your poo hard, dry, and hard to pass, and thus, you’ll experience constipation. Having uneven trips to the bathroom for poo is also a trait distinguishing constipation.

Getting constipated every so often (chronic constipation) requires consideration and is something to be worried about. If you’ve been having irregular poop cycles for several months, you’re chronically constipated and must definitely visit a doctor.

What Causes Constipation?

  1. Poor Diet

Low in fibre content, high in chips or fried foods, eating foods high in sugar, high amounts of dairy, consuming frozen dinners, etc. Diet is the most widespread reason behind constipation.

  1. Coffee

While coffee can activate your digestive muscles, consumption of an excessive amount of coffee can make you dehydrated, leading to constipation.

  1. Dehydration

Another major reason behind constipation! If there isn’t sufficient water to push your waste through your bowels, it’s exactly like trying to push sand through a pipe. Water makes the whole process a lot smoother since poo is roughly 75% water and 25% solid.

  1. Inactivity/Lack of exercise

Exercise is just well for your muscles, both inside and out. Movement assists in stimulating the natural contraction of intestinal muscles in order to help pass stools.

  1. Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, depression, autoimmune disease hypothyroidism, inflammatory bowel disease, or any neurodegenerative disease can also be a major cause of constipation.

Regularize your system with a high-fibre diet. A bowel movement each day is not crucial, but it is significant that your stools are soft and easily passable. “Straining” to pass a bowel motion must be avoided as it may result in haemorrhoids which make life inferior! Just intend for a soft consistency rather than regularity! Constipation is a common complaint in recent times, thanks to the supplements, fibres and water. Nothing is worse than sitting on the toilet seat for hours hoping for some feat!

Let’s list down the various benefits of fibres other than constipation:

Fibre is more than just help against constipation. It offers other health benefits too such as:

  • Helps in checking off diverticular disease (swelling in the bowel), irritable bowel syndrome as well as haemorrhoids.
  • Lowers down your cholesterol levels – from soluble fibres from oats, barley, pectin, legumes, and guar.
  • Delays the nutrient absorption into the bloodstream, thereby avoiding a spike in insulin and sugar production, useful for any person with type 2 diabetes.
  • Helps in forcing you to hold back your rate of consuming as high-fibre foods often need a good pace of chewing and builds a sensation of fullness.

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