When it comes to nutrition and fitness- Flaxseeds or Alsi is the most frequently heard terms up till now? The manner in which fashion styles keep pouring in day by day, you would also notice food ingredients hitting the market as and when research discovers something significant. Flaxseed is one of the vital natural components currently available in the market.

Nowadays flaxseeds are a hot topic of discussion as doctors and dietitians are suggesting it to individuals who wish to lose weight and to those who are experiencing the issues of cancer, heart disorder, diabetes and other conditions.

Everybody around is just wondering what miraculous powers do these tiny oval-shaped flat, lustrous and pointed at one end natural constituent is constituted with. It has miraculous powers in the form of three magical nutrients.

And, here they go:

  • Omega-3 essential fatty acids or the “good” fats having recognized heart-healthy properties. Flaxseeds are a vegan source of brain-boosting as well as beautifying omega-3s fats, predominantly alpha-linolenic acid recognized for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Foods profuse in alpha-linolenic acid have been found to decrease the risks of heart disease, cancer, as well as joint pain or arthritis.
  • Fiber: Flaxseed is loaded with both the cholesterol-lowering soluble and insoluble types of fibers, which helps to keep your gut clean while retaining a full feeling. Having both soluble and insoluble fiber in your routine is a superior way to detoxify your colon, in turn promoting fat loss as well as lowering down the sugar cravings. Uniquely enough, while flaxseeds are found rich in fiber content, it’s well thought-out as a low carb food.
  • Lignans: with both the plant estrogen and antioxidant effects. Lignans present in flaxseeds makes it a beautifying as well as an anti-aging supplement. Even when contrasted with antioxidant rich fruits as well as veggies, flaxseeds rank very high in antioxidant content, beating out all the Superfoods identified for their antioxidant content including olives as well as blueberries.

Yes, these 3 miraculous nutrients are able to fight so many fatal diseases. Let’s have a look into it.

Health Benefits

  • DIABETES: Daily consumption of flaxseeds shows a great result in improving the blood sugar profile of individuals with diabetes.
  • CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: Omega-3s fats present in the flaxseeds aid to put a stop to the arterial hardening, thus keeping the plaque from getting accumulated in the arteries. This repeatedly assists in keeping the heartbeat normal, consequently keeps the blood pressure controlled and looks after the complete heart health. Cholesterol-lowering effects of flaxseed are a result of the collective benefits of the omega-3 ALA, fibers, as well as lignans.
  • HYPERTENSION: Flaxseeds are found more effectual at lowering blood pressure as compared to any other supplement or herbal remedy. The normal blood pressure reading is 120/80. In a research study with patients having an elevated blood pressure, the systolic blood pressure (SBP) was found to decrease by 10 mm Hg after they began taking flaxseed oil capsule. In this same study, the diastolic pressure (DBP) was found to decrease by 7 mm Hg. Thus, incorporating flaxseed oil to your daily regime helps to bring down your levels of high blood pressure in a natural way.
  • INFLAMMATION: Omega-3s and lignans existing in the flaxseeds have been demonstrated to inhibit the release of certain pro-inflammatory agents that are found helpful in lowering the inflammation that accompanies particular ailments including asthma and Parkinson’s.
  • CANCER: Omega 3 fatty acids and lignans found in the flaxseeds have a shielding effect against prostate, breast, as well as colon cancer. They are known to act by blocking the enzymes involved in hormone metabolism, as a result, preventing from causing cancer by interfering with the growth and multiplication of the tumor cells.
  • RELIEVES CONSTIPATION: Flaxseed act as natural laxative and offers you great relief from constipation.
  • WOMEN’S HEALTH: The presence of lignans, plant chemicals that aid to battle against cancer, to fight high levels of estrogen and preserves a balance in the hormonal levels. Regular intake of flax seeds greatly helps to lessen menopausal symptoms like flushing as well as night sweats. Females experiencing abnormal menstrual periods and/or intense signs of PMS also have been known to benefit from this powerful supplement. Research study shows they are found helpful to control heavy bleeding during menstruation, lower down the risk of breast cancer as well as improve uterine function. Since flaxseeds have a potential to rectify the issues of hormonal imbalance, they are expected to support healthy hair and skin.


Whether you consume it in the whole form or ground form, there’s a thing about flaxseeds that you must know and that is, swallowing the flaxseeds like a medicine with water won’t offer you the preferred outcomes. The seeds require to be broken in the extract form in order to obtain the essential omega 3 nutrients present in it. Thus, HealthDiva is the great place and a powerhouse of nutritional supplements. Flaxseed is present here at HealthDiva in the form of highly pure extract filled in a capsule, which makes it bio-available to be taken.

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