Health Benefits of Green Tea.

Hold your green tea supplements and here’s why!!

One capsule. Countless benefits. That’s green tea for you. It’s that best friend you must have and must be hanging out more with if you are planning to live a long and healthy life.

Green tea has been making your lives better as well as healthier.

What in fact is green tea?

Do you know green tea is prepared from the same plant that also offers us the usual tea? The plant is named as Camellia sinensis.

Love for green tea:

Green tea is full of health benefits ranging from life-affirming to life saving. Research studies have found that green tea is useful in the prevention as well as treatment of cancer, heart problems, cardiovascular disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels, infection, tooth decay, and many others.

Let’s see, what are the mysterious constituents in green tea that make it all possible?

Together with caffeine, which provides green tea its distinctive taste, bitterness as well as stimulating effect, green tea is also rich in a group of chemicals, referred to as Catechin Polyphenols (usually known as Tannins, which add to bitter taste and astringency). These Catechin Polyphenols involve Catechin, Epicatechin, Epicatechin Gallate (ECG), Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), and several Pro-Anthocyanidins. Flavonoids, along with few amino acids such as Theanine, are accountable for the efficacious flavor of green tea.

In addition to this, green tea also consist of Amino Acids including Theanine, Butyric Acid & Lignin; Xanthine Alkaloids like Theobromine, Theophylline and Xanthine; Pectin (also found in fruits); saccharides (sugar), Chlorophyll and Triterpene Saponins. Some vitamins, like vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin C and vitamin E are also found in green tea.

It’s a small wonder that green tea has gained tremendous popularity in a short span of time as people realized its countless health benefits. Moreover, nowadays, just like apple, its green tea’s job to keep the doctor away.

The health benefits of green tea are chiefly due to its antioxidant properties that come from its caffeine, catechin polyphenols as well as theanine content.


Research shows that people who regularly drink green tea do not fall victim to common bacterial and viral infections as easily as those who do not add green tea to their diet. The message is clear. Green Tea boosts the strength of the immune system. The Catechins present in green tea prevent bacteria and viruses from attaching themselves to cell walls in order to infect them.


The free radicals produced in the body are mainly accountable for corroding the body in a number of ways, one of which we see as the signs of aging as well as associated signs. The chief job of antioxidants is to counteract the oxidants or free radicals found in the body and green tea is thought to be rich in antioxidants. Thus, regular use of green tea can efficiently delay the signs and symptoms of aging.


Green tea has been known to be effective in lowering the levels of cholesterol to some extent, almost certainly due to its alkalinity.


The alkaline nature of green tea assists in lowering down the blood glucose level. Moreover, the antioxidant as well as astringent qualities of green tea make sure good health and better functioning of the pancreas.


Certain constituents in green tea stop thickening of the blood, thus reducing chances of Arterial Sclerosis, Thrombosis, together with Cardiac and Cerebral Strokes.


Green tea also assists people lose weight by augmenting the rate of metabolism, thereby promoting a faster intake of the fat storage of the body.


Green tea has been known to be a very good and popular remedy to get rid of the exhausting effects of toxins or alcohol almost instantly.

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