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Every person loves to travel, whether it is a much-needed vacation or a business trip. Though, travel may perhaps not be everybody’s cup of tea. It can simply have an effect on your health in a major way if you don’t stay vigilant. Go through few Healthdiva’s travel tips that will surely help you stay safe and healthy, no matter which end of the world you are heading to.

1. Improve Your Immune Health:

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Just make sure to take immune-boosting supplements and slurp downloads of veggie juice before your journey. Travelling by air or even railways travel can be a double-edged sword. Thus, you can strengthen your immune health by drinking fresh juices on a daily basis and receiving enough amounts of Vitamin C, zinc and Vitamin D3 in your diet plan in order that your system is all set to deal with any type of infection or virus.

2. Decide your Nutritional Supplements Judiciously:

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Stock up on dietary supplements and ensure that you carry them along with you in plastic containers. Doing this won’t break your bottles when you are on the move and makes sure that you don’t come across glass pieces in your luggage after your baggage check. The nutritional supplements assure to keep your immune system and health in check.

3. Exercise A Bit:

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If you exercise on a regular basis, your immune system will stay protected. You can check and distinguish whether your hotel room has a fitness centre. Even you can do a few squats, push-ups, or lunges without saying good-bye to your hotel room. Go for a relaxing walk in and around the environs or even take advantage of the hotel’s swimming pool. Staying physically active and alert keeps your body and mind stay strong and healthy.

4. Layer It Up:

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If you are travelling all through the winter days or it appears to be chilly outside, remember carrying a lined jacket or a light blanket. It will assist you to stay cosy and warm. This is particularly very important for healthy travelling as staying cosy saves your energy. So also, to keep the body temperature at optimal across variable temperature zones, wear your best in layers, just to be on the safe side.

5. Take Your Own Personal Care Products with You:

No matter how tempted you are to use the shampoo and soap available at the hotel, bring your own toothpaste, soap, shampoo, sunscreen, mouthwash and other personal care products. You can trust your own items while the hotel’s products may be loaded with toxic chemicals. It is not worth taking this risk.

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Also, don’t forget to carry your sunscreens in order to protect your skin from the harmful outdoor UV rays. Reapply it every 2 hours if possible. And if you are going to visit an area with a huge population of insects and mosquitoes, make sure to wear insect repellent for getting rid of bites.

6. Stay Hydrated:

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To help your body become accustomed to a new place, make sure to drink ample water (bottled if suggested) for the few initial days and keep away from/decrease your intake of caffeinated drinks (teas, coffee, or some sodas) as well as alcoholic beverages.

7. Incorporate a Well-Balanced Diet:

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Filling up half your plate with fruits and vegetables is a common custom that promises a healthier you while moving out. Also, it can be tough to consume a healthy balanced meal including all the essential vitamins while travelling, thus it is really important to carry your daily multi-vitamins along with you in order to supplement your meals.

8. Get a Good Night’s Sleep:

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While your body is adapting to your new surroundings, feel free to take a sound sleep and rest more. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, even while travelling. Avoid taking naps late in the afternoon or evening, if you can as naps may keep you wide awake at night. It is a must to develop a bedtime schedule. Travelling is harsh on your body hence take care to get ample rest.

9. Devour your stress away:

Put off low blood sugar as it strains you out. Make a habit of eating small portions of healthy meals regularly and keep your fruits and vegetables handy. Herbal supplements also show a promising result in soothing down your frazzled nerves. Also, you can do breathing exercises anytime, anywhere. Take a deep breath, hold it, and breathe out. Repeat the same. This is just great to help you relax and offset the stress of travelling.

For example, HealthDiva’s Phycomax (composed of Spirulina & Bio-Curcumin) capsules are loaded with rich antioxidants that help fight stress efficiently.

10. Always carry a hand sanitizer:

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SANITIZERS KEEPS YOU EXTRA CLEAN AND GERMS-FREE: Many of us have the propensity to make use of a sanitizer after washing our hands as we feel it will destroy more germs. But the fact is that: rubbing your hands with sanitizers cleans your hands to a degree that a soap bar does.

Enjoy your adventure and stay nutritious and healthy! Keep your energy levels up, your health firing on all cylinders, and your body operating just like well-oiled machinery. Travelling can be a wearing task, hence if any of your nutrient levels are low, look into opting for a safe supplement.

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These are just a few points listed by HealthDiva to take into account while travelling near or far-off. These will definitely help you stay fit, active, aware, safe as well as healthy. So the next time you wonder about how to improve your immune health prior to travel, you will be well prepared to tackle anything.


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