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Wellness: What comes to your mind when you hear this term? It is nothing but an active process of becoming aware of and making decisions toward healthy and gratifying living. Wellness is not characterized by just not being sick, it is an effort, a standard of living, and involved self-focussed means with the objective of sustaining overall health and attaining our complete potential.

It is an act of practicing healthy habits every day with the purpose of achieving improved physical and mental health outcomes, with the intention that, rather than just existing, you’re thriving.

There are six major aspects of personal health including physical, emotional, social, occupational, intellectual, as well as spiritual.

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Healthy stability between each element determines our wellness in our effort to optimize our quality of life. Nowadays, holistic health specialists are implementing this concept of wellness in their training as well as counseling sessions.

HealthDiva has outlined and conferred the six interrelated aspects of wellness:


Exercise on a regular basis, A MUST-DO for everybody. Every person’s body is different and certainly, this differs from individual to individual. Your prime focus must be on diet and nutrition; in order to optimize physical health, you must work on a superior blend of these two aspects.

Work on lessening any negative impacts including excessive alcohol use, drug abuse, or smoking. You must need to know your body built and respect it, pay attention to it, and be in charge of its well being. Physical wellness supports an optimistic psychological effect and a great positive turn towards the direction in life.


You must be familiar with yourselves emotionally and need to acknowledge who you are, also be capable of growing. You need to be capable of coping up with your feelings and thus your behavior so as to put off negativity from your lives. Your emotional wellness depends largely on how optimistic you are about your life, how you manage, and convey yourselves.

How you perceive a wide rush of feelings within yourselves and others and how you handle relationships is very important. To appreciate that your individual choices depend on a mix of behavior ideas, patterns, and feelings, allows you to frame positive personal decisions. To be emotional ‘well’ signifies that one can feel free, safe as well as independent, constructing a balance together with supporting one’s self and crafting and sustaining healthy relationships.

Social / Environmental:

A positive contribution to the social surroundings is the topmost priority for personal well being. If you have a position in society it reflects you. It’s vital to build a positive impact on your surroundings, take part actively in making positive transformations, have good communication with your neighbors, to maintain strong personal relationships; all these aspects add to one’s social wellness. Building a pleasant living environment, and granting the welfare of others enriches the soul to a great extent.


Having a supplemented work-life delivers fulfillment and promotes wellness. Anything you do to ‘engage’ yourself requires to be performed with a positive approach and delivers you some individual satisfaction to facilitate a good contribution to your happiness and well being. You must reward your work, and opt for activities meeting your individual interests, values, and principles.


The intellectual aspect includes understanding and accepting your individual skills, your creativity, and what inspires your mind. It is how you give importance to your personal growth. How well you pass on your knowledge or ideas to others. To cheer up an active, creative mind that can confront and disseminate life rewards. To learn, craft, and solve problems of others, simultaneously track personal interests. The intellectual growth of oneself is principal in imparting overall wellness.


Do you know; your spiritual side bestows you with the meaning and purpose of living on this planet? YES!! Maintaining pleasant stability of your sense of appreciation beside your personal path necessitates a sense of spiritual well-being. Handling your feelings as you walk and grow and finding an approach to present all your physical and emotional experiences into the perception of your existence. You may experience a sense of spiritual stability once your ideas reflect your beliefs, once you stare deep into the significance of your life, live true onto yourself, and respect others’ worths.

By integrating all these aspects collectively, you can generate an overall wellness structure. You can observe the consistency in our life and the combination of all these things for optimal healthy living. And let me tell you, wellness is an individual process and unique to each individual. It encourages self-awareness in each and every phase of your lives; mind it; some elements are often neglected or overlooked, which one should never.


There are some easy and healthy choices for you, to stay well on your way towards lowering down stress levels, having positive social relations, and attaining optimal wellness. And these are:

Nutrition: If you wish to take a positive step towards becoming a healthier you, then from today onwards start with some wholesome ingredients in your plate. Pack an apple or any fruit of your choice and some raw vegetables in your bag and keep your handy snack always ready. This may aid you in evading junk foods or vending machines while you’re on the go.

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Exercise: Even 15 or 20 minutes of daily exercise can lay a positive impact on your complete health and wellness and helps you in recovering your mood. How to start? Go for a brisk walk in your lunch break or choose walking down the stairs rather than the elevator when you can.

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Social Connections: Connecting with your dear ones or friends is the best way to help improve your physical and mental health. You must take 10 minutes out of your day to spend time with someone you’ve been thinking about. This is a great way to unite and catch up with the loved ones or people who matter the most to you.

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Sleep: You must always consider your sleep habits. Do not take caffeine after 12pm, include relaxing activities before bedtime, and wake up at the same time daily – these little habits if you include, you can start your journey towards becoming a booming sleeper.

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Mindfulness: Practicing mindfulness is just right for your mind and body. The more you spout into your own reflections, the more you may become conscious of how you respond in stressful events, thus you must begin with practicing mindfulness now itself!

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HealthDiva has included all the valuable resources to help you begin your own wellness journey. Now, it’s your turn to take a step by walking around this section today.

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