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Imagine a three-legged chair. Each leg indicates one of the most crucial things your body requires to stay healthy. One leg symbolizes right nutrition – consumption of whole food products, in rational fractions; the second leg stands for favourable physical activity – getting in several moderate-to-serious exercises on most days of the week.
The third leg? It’s nothing, but a good sound sleep at the comfort of your home. When you fail to take good rest, you’re more inclined towards becoming ill, gaining weight and feeling low or unhappy, and a bad impact on your cognitive skills and memory.
Also, poor sleep patterns can raise your risk for 2 chief threats i.e. heart disorders as well as type 2 diabetes.
However, when you take a sufficient amount of top-notch sleep (7-9 hours a night is most favourable for many adults), the profits across all phases of your life – including your emotional and physical health, your career and relationships – are powerful.


How many hours of sleep are required for optimal health?

Sleep is a crucial sign of overall health and wellness. You spend up to 1/3rd of your lives napping, and the complete state of your “sleep health” remains a critical subject all through your lifetime.

National Sleep Foundation recommends a daily sleep of 7-9 hours for adults, 9 to 10 hours sleep for teenagers and 12 to 18 hours sleep for infants and toddlers. Sleep patterns fluctuate across different age groups and get particularly impacted by lifestyle changes and health.


Now, let’s quickly roll to sleep disorders, their types, symptoms and appropriate treatment:
A lot of people nowadays experience difficulty while sleeping at one time or another. It may be because of illness, stress, long travel, or any other momentary disruptions in your standard routine.

But if such sleep issues occur regularly, they may start interrupting with your every day work, or more likely you may get prone to a sleep disorder.

Sleep disorders can highly affect your physical as well as mental health, giving rise to various memory problems, mood changes and weight gain.

Sleep good, Feel good

Do you…

  • Have trouble while staying awake or watching TV or studying?
  • Fall snoozing or have a tired feeling while driving?
  • React at a snail’s pace?
  • Have difficulty in focusing on things?
  • Feel short-tempered or sleepy most often during the day?
  • Feel like taking a nap more or less daily and all the time?

If YES, then you have a SLEEP DISORDER. 

Types of common sleep disorders

Sleep Insomnia: It is the lack of a person’s ability to get proper sleep at night; insomnia causes may be stress, any health condition, and high intake of coffee or a jet lag.

Whatever XYZ may be the reason behind your difficulty sleeping problem, by improving your sleep hygiene, learning to relax and also revising your daytime routines, will greatly help in curing most cases of insomnia without depending on doctors or turning to the detrimental sleeping pills.

These simple insomnia remedies will definitely be a great help.

Sleep Apnea: Most frequent (and treatable) sleep disorder in which breathing temporarily discontinues at some stage while sleeping, waking you up more often. It can be serious and fatal sleep disorder.

Sleep Good Feel Good

Narcolepsy: It involves too much, and out of control daytime sleepiness. It is occurs due to lack of functioning of the brain mechanism that regulates waking and sleeping patterns.

If you suffer from this sleep disorder, then most likely you may have “sleep attacks” in the mid of your work or even driving; which may be dangerous for your life.

But good news is that, WHEN HEALTHDIVA IS THERE, you don’t have to survive with a sleeping crisis. There are many things you can do to get a good night’s sleep and improve your health.

We are here to help you track your sleep disorder and rectify your poor sleep patterns. All you need is to follow our simple sleep solutions that may help you improve sleep

Now, the real question arises: HOW TO GET A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP??

A sound sleep is one of the most vital things you can do for your wellbeing (and for your looks, trust me or not). But ALAS…, one third of population sleep for hardly 3 to 4 hours a day.

Let me tell you, it’s the perfect time to enter the natural sleep remedies that will help you sleep better. Here we go with tips as to how to get better sleep:

Sleep Good Feel good
  1. Exercise: A daily exercise can greatly aid in improving the quantity as well as quality of your sleep. Do you know your bodies are made to be in motion? If you get stalked at a desk all day or caged up inside, you can’t foresee your bodies to not sway throughout the night as they require burning off the added energy. One tip: try exercising first thing in morning since exercise is a known tonic for you and may really KEEP you wide awake if you perform too close to bedtime.
  2. Don’t Take Caffeine Late in the Day: You must be aware of that a single dose of caffeine can increase your energy, concentration, and sports performance greatly. On the other hand, if taken late in the day, the CNS stimulation may stop your body from naturally comforting at night. Drinking huge amounts of coffee after 3–4 PM is not suggested, particularly if you have trouble while sleeping or are caffeine sensitive.
  3. Limit the Intake of Alcohol: Intake of a couple of drinks at night can harmfully have an effect on your sleep patterns and hormones. Alcohol is proven to exaggerate or augment the signs of sleep apnea as well as snoring problems.
  4. Stay Relaxed and Clear Your Mind in the Evening: A lot of individuals have a pre-sleep pattern that aids them in getting relaxed. Relaxation techniques prior to going to bed have been known to make better the sleep quality and are very much helpful in treating insomnia. A relaxing massage can be a GREAT HELP, or listening to music, a hot water bath, reading your favourite book and deep breathing; all these strategies immensely help in keeping your mind relaxed; now you have to see what works best for you.
  5. Create a comfy sleep atmosphere: Take care that your bedroom is cool, cosy and quiet – mainly your bed.

Make an effort to follow these sleeping tips to give you the best opportunity of getting a steady, quality sleep every night. Put an end to your sleepless nights with these easy sleep management remedies.

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