Boosting the Magnesium Levels to Rebalance Your Hormones

Boosting the Magnesium Levels to Rebalance Your Hormones

Boosting the Magnesium Levels to Rebalance Your Hormones

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For a busy modern female, possibilities are that she might be lacking the appropriate magnesium levels without even being aware about it. This multi-tasking mineral is very important for your body for the completion of about 300 enzyme responses. Most of these responses have a great impact on your natural hormone balance.

Symptoms that indicate low magnesium levels include headaches, muscle spasms from feet cramps to chest pain (because of spasms in your heart muscle), anxiety, feeling weak or fatigued continuously, loss of appetite as well as rapid fatigue during exercising. Research studies demonstrate that during moderate activity, females with low magnesium levels in their muscle are expected to make use of a greater amount of energy and get fatigued far more easily:

Also, it is known that magnesium supplements are very effective for improving the following conditions such as improving the sleep quality and depth, high cholesterol, memory issues (magnesium helps to reverse the problems in memory). And if you’re suffering from heart disease: The good news? Research study has shown that self-reported magnesium consumption is well-connected with less arterial calcification and thus lower risk of heart attack and stroke, chiefly in females.

The Magic of Magnesium

Your body stores roughly half of its magnesium in the cells of your tissues and organs. The other 49% gets blended with calcium and gets stored in your bones in order to keep them in a healthy and robust condition. This leaves almost a small fraction of about 1% of free magnesium in your blood. For this reason, blood tests are not very useful for checking magnesium as they don’t illustrate the levels in your cells.

Magnesium also works powerfully in combination with calcium; as a result if you consume calcium supplements and/or enough dairy foods and not enough magnesium to even the levels, you might end up with a reaction in the form of painful joints or augmented anxiety.

This supplement keeps your cell function harmonized with day and night: Recent study has observed that in human cells, algae, as well as fungi levels of magnesium in cells rise and fall in a daily cycle. This assists to keep the person’s body clocks in your cells better coordinated with the circadian rhythm of night (dark) and day (light).

Magnesium and Your Hormones

When you have adequate levels of magnesium, it helps to naturally balance hormones, benefiting your:

  • Estrogen balance: together with folic acid and the antioxidant glutathione, magnesium is known to be important for the Phase II detoxification in the liver. During this process, the metabolites of estrogen are made water-soluble in order that they can be eliminated from the body in urine or your stool. But if you have poor levels of magnesium, your liver may be less capable of completing the Phase II detox, which might add to the estrogen dominance. ED may result in weight gain, fluid retention and may also add to the development of cancers of the ovaries and breast.
  • Thyroid function: Magnesium facilitates an effective conversion of the less active T4 thyroid hormone to the more active T3.
  • Insulin Sensitivity: Magnesium is so useful in reducing the blood sugar that some experts call it ‘natural metformin’ – in reference to the medication for stabilizing the blood sugars in people with diabetes Type 2. When magnesium assists to stabilize the blood sugars, females may feel fewer cravings for snacks and may find it much easier to lose weight or sustain a healthy weight. Alternatively, when individuals lack the magnesium levels, their risk of impaired insulin and the development of diabetes Type 2 shoots up.
  • Capability to lower down the levels of adrenalin and cortisol: As a calming hormone, magnesium facilitates a reduction in the over-reactivity in your Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis. The upshot? You experience less anxiety and stay calmer during stress, reducing your production of stress hormones.

Choosing the Right Magnesium Supplement

At times, when you are eating hormone balancing foods, you require magnesium supplementation too.

Magnesium citrate blends the mineral with citric acid and exerts a powerful laxative effect. If you are chronically constipated it is a very good alternative as it may result in loose stools. You’ll definitely like the HealthDiva’s Magnesium Complex Capsules which combines magnesium citrate and magnesium oxide in a capsule.

I hope this blog has helped you obtain the admiration for this wonderful mineral. Fixing it is easy and has helped many females nowadays to rebalance their hormones quickly.