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Triphala for Weight Loss

Triphala, a traditional Ayurvedic formula, is universally used as a home remedy for preventing abnormal bowel movements as well as digestive issues.

A Sanskrit word, Triphala is obtained from, Tri=three and phala=fruit. Triphala combines the health benefits of three magical fruits namely, Amalaki, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki, each one has its own favorable action. 

  • Amalaki: also known as Amla, this fruit is loaded with Vitamin C. This fruit aids to reduce cholesterol.
  • Works well on Pitta Dosha. It is constituted with powerful flavonoids which lower down the levels of lipids in the blood serum. Additionally, it helps to increase the degradation of cholesterol synthesis.
  • Haritaki: or Harada has multiple healing properties like it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is thought to exert positive effects on heart and brain.
  • Works well on Vata Dosha. Haritaki has hypolipidemic and hypo-cholesterolemic activity.
  • Bibhitaki: The third constituent of Triphala is well-known for its immunity boosting properties. This fruit ejects the unnecessary materials from your body may it be fat or mucous. Works best on Kapha dosha.
  • The fruits of Bibhitaki are effective in decreasing the body weight, lipid parameters as well as body organ weight. It works similar to a natural detoxifier and a rejuvenator with effective detoxifying properties.

Thus, Triphala is a “Powerful Rasayana”. It promotes the “ojas” and rejuvenates the whole body.

Apart from nurturing the body and mind and promoting longevity, Triphalahas a number of other effects as well. It particularly rejuvenates your digestive tract, and is a rasayana for your eyes and skin.

Triphala for Weight Loss

Thus, Triphala is a blend of three fruits having several health benefits and is one of the most versatile “Herbal Medicines”. Triphala is a well-accepted rejuvenator thus it can be consumed for longer time duration.

Triphala for Weight Loss

Triphala and Weight Loss

Let us now come to the point on how Triphala can help in weight loss:

It has been stated earlier that Bibhitaki helps you to get rid of fat. This fruit assists in burning unnecessary fat and ejecting it out of our body.

Triphala helps to make better your digestive power and increases your metabolic processes. Few people gain weight because of poor metabolism as well as an improper digestion.

When these two significant functions fall in place weight loss is a natural by-product. Triphala cleanses tones and detoxifies the whole digestive system all at same time, which contributes to a perfect weight loss.

A disproportion in the doshas in our body can also give rise to certain weight problems. It is believed that if you have more of the Kapha dosha it might give rise to weight gain.

We are well-familiar with the fact that Triphala aids in balancing the doshas. This helps in keeping our weight in check or controlled.

Triphala for Weight Loss

Thus, weight loss because of Triphala takes place due to the point that it works on multiple areas of our body and not only for the reason that it burns fat.

But, those objecting towards losing weight also require to be sure that they exercise on a regular basis and have a healthy balanced diet. Also note that Triphala cannot swap the benefits of exercise and diet!

Of lately, Triphala is available in forms like tablets or capsules. However, capsule is the best bio-available form of any nutritional supplement and you can obtain Triphala capsules in pure form from the house of HealthDiva.

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Let us take a healthy path to a fit life with one small change by adopting “Triphala-the nectar of life”!!

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