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The Truth About Green Tea… Pile It Up or Trim It Down?

The Truth About Green Tea… Pile It Up or Trim It Down?

The Truth About Green Tea… Pile It Up or Trim It Down?

From weight loss to antioxidant abilities – all the plus-points!

Nowadays, there is lots of chatter around the likely health benefits of that green-colored “Green Tea” and so possibly it has actually taken off.

Now, we notice a great multiplicity of products obtainable in the health food stores, but what’s the reality when it comes to green tea?

Herewith HealthDiva, you can walk around the facts around a few claims and make up your minds whether to stock up or watch your intake of tea!

An Intro to Green Tea – What’s All the Fuss!

Green tea is a staple of Indian and Chinese diets and these people drink it cheerfully every day. In the latest years particularly, this hearty brew has become more well-known in Western cultures – chiefly amid the more health conscious of us!

At present, Green tea has been a part of our usual healthy regime. So, here I run through the points you need to be familiar with and give my approach for including it in your diet later.

The Truth About Green Tea... Pile It Up or Trim It Down?

Some of the projected health benefits of Green tea:
For one reason or the other, you might have heard that Green tea is an amazing constituent and we must be incorporating the more of it in our diet. Here is a help for you to determine how ‘healthy’ Green tea actually is.

Claim 1 – Green tea can help in perking up the mental awareness:
You might have heard that Green tea plays a key role in improving mental alertness.

This may be chiefly striking for individuals who remain stressed for some or the other reason, or are going through menopause, for instance, as misty heads may be more of a regular episode!

What’s the truth…

The Truth About Green Tea... Pile It Up or Trim It Down?

Even though research implies that Green tea may assist in promoting our mental awareness right enough, this may have something to do with the caffeine content rather than the variety of tea itself.

Yes, that’s absolutely correct; Green tea still is composed of caffeine, up to 50mg per cup, which is equivalent to some black teas but not quite as strong as most coffees which levels out at about 100 mg per cup but still, it’s a decent quantity.

We are well-aware that caffeine can definitely help in recovering mental alertness in a short-while but keep in mind, if you’re caffeine-sensitive on the whole, other side effects may accompany including sharp anxiety, adrenal fatigue or digestive upset in the long-term as it excites the stress response in your body.

Claim 2 – Green tea helps promote heart health:
From lowering levels of cholesterol to managing the blood pressure, Green tea has time and again been assured to help keep your cardiovascular system in top-notch condition and make you see through your old age without a much hitch.

What’s the reality…

The Truth About Green Tea... Pile It Up or Trim It Down?

The facts adjoining the benefits of Green tea on heart health are quite varied. Some larger-scale studies exhibit its promising effects on cardiovascular protection, but then many of these studies were conducted on Japanese subjects who let’s face it, have a very diverse way of life to many more Western regimes in the initial place!

Their diet and lifestyle vary from ours and consequently, we can’t assertively determine whether Green tea is the reason for cardiovascular wellness.

Claim 3 – Green tea melts fat and aids in weight loss:

The expression ‘melts belly fat’ may just be a fragment unbelievable for my liking, but the claims of Green tea helps to promote or enhance metabolism and support blood sugar control also exist. These could be the likely mechanisms for promoting weight loss as a whole, in particular as Green teas are practically a calorie-free brew in itself.

What’s the reality…

The Truth About Green Tea... Pile It Up or Trim It Down?

When it comes to the reality of the effects of Green tea on overall weight management, the viewpoint doesn’t seem as promising as we may have anticipated. There’s not really enough support to propose that the effects of Green tea on weight loss are noteworthy.

In a comprehensive review study including obese or flabby subjects, the effects of Green tea preparations for a minimum of 12 weeks demonstrated slight yet insignificant alterations in the body weight. These also weren’t sustained in the long-term – much like a lot of other fad diets!

The hypothetical mechanisms for this minor control over bodyweight might be credited to the caffeine content and/or antioxidant action of this brew, but the facts suggest the effects are negligible and Green tea may not be an effectual and exclusive means to lose weight.

On the other hand, in saying that, it surely wouldn’t be a bad thing to incorporate it into your diet if you were boarding a weight-loss trip.

Let’s see, are there any side effects?

Before getting on any new regime, individuals frequently ask if it’s safe and what the harmful effects are. Thus, when it comes to Green tea, it’s vital to know what you’re coping with. To start with, it’s essential to consider that consuming Green tea is a long-held tradition thus, the safety profile of it is complete “all right”, but for higher strength supplements, the facts aren’t quite as unambiguous or clear.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that most Green teas still are comprised of caffeine so if you’re caffeine-sensitive you may still experience some of the ill effects of this.

Let me give you good news, Green tea extract is now available in the form of capsules; all coming from the house of HealthDiva. The formula is packed with fine antioxidants found valuable for health and wellness. It has got the power to enhance your overall health and continue a healthy weight.

It is considered to provide a gentle metabolism boost and a little extra energy as well. The two active ingredients primarily responsible for green tea benefits are catechins, which offer a majority of antioxidants benefits, and caffeine, which encourages fat metabolism as well as thermogenesis. Veg supplement, totally free from gluten or other damaging additives.

Have SOME GREEN to slim down: Taking the right path to weight loss!!

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